Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Lies From The Family Research Council

FRC Action, of which Josh Duggar is Executive Director, recently sent 
out this letter to those attending the Values Voter Summit.

The letter misquotes James Madison in a way that pushes the Conservative 
Christian agenda. These people who are part of the FRC desire to make our
country a Dominion Theology  where the laws/Constitution  are based on
Fundamental Christian ideals and screw those who are not their type of
Christian.  For decades they have been working on  rewriting the words of our
 Founding Fathers and our history to fit this goal, another good reason to never vote
 Republican. This latest example of faux Christian deception places Josh Duggar
 in the middle of this dishonest mess.

How can you call yourself a VALUES summit when you are breaking the 
Ten Commandments? Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness and Possibly Thou Shalt
Not Covet.  You are slandering the words of James Madison and using him
in a way of which he would totally not approve. 

 Please FRC Action, apologize 
for your mistakes and make good on your faith.

David Barton, the author of that fake quote and later recanted it is quite the character. Wiki tears him apart.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has Barton on their hate list too.
Why are right-wingers so gullible?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

 Josh Duggar's Tea Party Affiliation

Josh is trying to act like he understands politics again on instagram and twitter. He has been posting constantly on the "heroic" efforts of Ted Cruz, the new flavor of the month. His grasp of the political process is about on the same level as a 6th grader.

Wikipedia is not a replacement for college.

Here is a recent post on instragram;
joshduggar- "US House now adjourned after long debate tonight. Here's what measures they passed: 1) repeal medical device tax 2) gov't funding & 1 yr. delay of # Obamacare 3) funding military even if gov't shuts down @FRCAction" 15h

I love how they are trying to fund the military to make themselves look good after all the assaults they've made on our healthcare, food stamps, civil rights protections, education and other social programs that serve the less fortunate. Remember when they wouldn't fund medical care for 9/11 first responders? They are some sick ass people.

Anyhoo, here is my response to Joshie the Tea Party Parrot;

Josh, your party's horse and pony show is entertaining but just a ploy. The government will shut down for a few day. The pukes will cave and not win anything. Obamacare will move on. The debt ceiling will not be effected. Obama will probably use the 14th amendment this time so the pukes won't terrorize the country's and the world economy. The game is already over for you but your nutty leaders will milk if for all it's worth to get air time and contributions from the dumb-asses that vote for them. Amen!

I'll keep my prediction up here to see if it all happens the way I predict. The only thing that may not happen is if the pukes decide to not challenge the debt ceiling. Then Obama won't have to use the 14th amendment. If they do hold the debt ceiling hostage and Obama doesn't use the 14th, then I will be extremely pissed.

Oh, and one misconception is that if the government is shut down, we save money. Actually, a shut down costs the country a lot of revenue. Maryland alone is estimating a 5 million loss of revenue daily! Virginia will also be hit hard.
Josh took this photo at an Arkansas Tea Party meeting.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Episode Reviews of An Emotional Goodbye and Farm Fresh Duggars

An Emotional Goodbye

1. My DVR cut off some of the beginning so I will start as the Duggars walk through the door of J & A's ugly brick house. Seriously ugly! This house looks like it should be in the middle of a city with it's metal balconies and staircase, not in the middle of the suburbs. The architect should be tarred and bricked.

2. J. Bob announces that J and A will be having some uninvited guests, the Bates. Josh doesn't seem thrilled. I'm happy to see the Turd walking around in shorts even though they cover his sinful knees. Rub it in daddy's face Turd, rub it! The Bates march up the driveway with Nathan and Lawson wearing matching cowboy shirts. They are soooo special. Anna lets out a weak, "Yay!"

3. The fun begins as we watch the rarely physical Duggars carrying couches up the steps to the 2nd floor living room. Why they put the main level of the house on the second floor is a mystery. Either they have a great view they want to take advantage of from up high or they live near a river and are on a flood plain. I'm hoping for the latter. I wonder if the Turd chose that house because of the fortress look just in case of a Liberal zombie apocalypse.

4. Jill takes over in the house getting the little things put away because her mom can't seem to get her kids to listen to her. Jill cracks the whip ordering various people to work and giving them time limits. I think Jill may have been better off getting Josh's job than him. She's a real worker. James pisses me off by laying in a crib. Why would he care if he broke the crib and upset Anna and whatever baby was to sleep in that crib? Another insensitive Duggar male!!!!

5. Anna is still looking for her vibrator. Josh finally finds the vibrator and Anna is extremely relieved. She seemed a little flushed too.

6. The next day the house is done and the Turd decides to celebrate Anna's birthday by parading themselves around the National Mall for the public adoration and to get ill on a carousel. The Turd turns white and loses his manhood in public.

7. After they finish showing off for the public they eat in an empty restaurant. Mission work doesn't extend to dinnertime.

8. The Duggars complain about getting up early to say goodbye to J & A. I'm sure they really just watched Turd leave for work, turned the cameras off and went back to sleep. We know some of the older girls stayed with Anna and visited Josh at his office. The goodbye was staged. Josh starts bawling. Watching his waterworks, I got the feeling that he only took this job to please J. Bob. Anna walks back to the house with a screaming Michael commiserating that she is now going to have to parent alone,,, well except for Jinger, Jessa and Jill who stayed to help.

Farm Fresh Duggars

1. Michelle opens the show talking about adoption again. She mentions keeping the diaper changing table up for visiting babies and in case they adopt. I don't think they will adopt anytime soon but if they do they need to adopt an older child. Leave the babies for younger couples! Michelle is frying up two eggs as she talks to the camera. She has 18 kids, a husband, and a mother-in-law living with her and she's making two eggs! I think she's just cooking for herself after having slept in late. Her daughters cooked for everyone else.

2. The Duggars have a quiet, somber breakfast and then go to work in the garden. J. Bob slacks off and takes Michelle for a ride to tell her that he wants to be a farmer.

3. They later have a quiet, somber family meeting where J. Bob announces that they will be visiting a farm. Smirks and eye rolling ensue. Actually, the producers set up this field trip, not J. Bob. Isn't lying a sin because the Duggars lie a lot while making their show.

4. Again, more complaining about getting up early. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! At the farm, the idiot girls who are idiots about their feet and idiots about farming, wear idiotic sandals and flip flops. By the end of the day their feet are covered with mud and manure. Sweet idiotic revenge! Except for Joy who wore cowgirl boots. Joy must be the Einstein of the group.

5. First stop, the pigs. Ewwwww, You know Jinger will never marry a farmer. The boys go harass some cows and disobey the farmer when she tells them that the cows are not producing milk. Justin doesn't listen (just like his dad) to wise advice and tastes it anyway. Jackson looks to have a herpes sore on his lower lip. Could just be a bruise but it looked kind of like herpes.

6. The little girls get to help with the chickens. They water and feed the chickens and swing from the rafters like monkeys. Hannie thinks her family can be farmers. She is still very young and naive.

7. A new show highlight, J. Bob sodomizes a cow. The producers mentioned that they did something to make J. Bob squirm but I never imagined this! Why farmers have to do this, I don't know? Any farmers here? I'm a suburban gal.

8. All filthy and stinky they go back to Meatworks to help cook, work at the meat counter and carve up entire sides of beef. How sanitary!!! Jessa cracks a funny about J. Bob's butchering skills comparing it to how he butchers the Spanish language and J. Bob rethinks his farming dream (plot device) because he doesn't have the stomach for it.

9. Michelle baby talks to a woman who lost a preemie. The one sincere moment of the episode. I felt so bad for this woman that I was hoping Michelle would hand Josie to her and say, "Keep her. I've got enough."

10. At the end, J. Bob says he's not sure about starting a farm. He says, "Let's pray about it." That's exactly what they are saying about adopting a child. Could that just be a silly ploy for the show's fans to keep watching? That last remark made me convinced that they are not serious about adopting.

The End

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Duggar's Cowboy Obsession

Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar
We've all seen the cowboy boots, the stetsons, the toy guns with holsters. Jackson and Hannie were even known as The Lone Ranger and Tonto for awhile. The boys' room is decorated with western paraphernalia and don't even get me started on the Bates' house or their grown sons dressed in fancy western wear that only a flaming gay cowboy could have worn in the old west, if they survived the noose.

What makes these conservative Christians glorify in an old west that never really existed? The Duggars are living the cowboy myth, not the reality. They admire the 20th century movie version of a cowboy.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Brokeback Mountain as much as anyone but movies are movies, not reality. The historical cowboys of the old west spent most of their time shuffling cattle around the country and then partying hard when getting to the nearest saloon. They were hard drinking, quick shooting, whore house visiting men who rarely stepped inside a church.  What makes a conservative Christian admire that?! Well, I guess this is one of the things that a silly ole Liberal may never figure out.

5 Ridiculous Myths Everyone Believes About the Wild West

Thursday, September 19, 2013

 Duggar Family Shame
joshduggar (instagram) - "Praying for those affected by tragedy as we pass by here today # NavyYard # victims" 56min


I'm surprised Joshie is so effected by this story since the Sandy Hook massacre received no prayers or attention from Josh except for him attending a gun show shortly afterwards. I guess since it happened in his own backyard he's soaking up the attention it brings him.

By the way Joshie, you attributed to this mass murder! You and your kind that worship the NRA and their control of our politicians that keep the U.S. a battlefield in order to fatten their wallets. You are to blame. Sure the military missed some red flags but since this maniac was able to buy weapons legally shortly before the massacre even with a background of mental problems,,,, well that is all YOU.
When will you so-called christians stand up to the NRA and demand they push for tougher background checks, closing the gun show loop holes, tough lock them up laws, etc, etc, etc,. Until you do, you will have blood on your hands and soul with each and every mass murder to come. Can you live with that?

Josh's instagram photo of him attending a gun show shortly after Sandy Hook.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Episode Review of the season opener, "Big Changes".

The new season begins with a brand new opening. Well not really brand new, just updated individual photos.

1. The show opens up with Anna waking the kiddies who again are sleeping in their clothes with no sheets on the bed. Just one little blanket. They are headed for a well check for one week old Markie. Anna is pleased that Marcus sleeps through the night. I'm sure that won't last. They measure the baby's head and no one gasps in shock, so I'm guessing he has a Keller head. When the doctor asked Mackie what her job is, she said, "Michael". Poor kid is already a sister mom to her two year old brother, who I shall refer to in this review as, Mr. No no no no no! Josh is pretty useless in this scene. It looks like he's taking notes but I bet he's just doodling cartoons of Obama being shot out of a cannon.

2. Next we suddenly enter into an episode of House Hunters which is a show I love and I hope they sue 19 Kids for copyright infringements.

3. They look at three different types of homes and then leave what their decision is til the end. Sound familiar? Mr. No no no, doesn't like any of the houses. I'll jump to the end and tell you they chose to rent the third one, an ugly brick fortress looking house. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. Good room for constant helpers for Anna. The inside is clean but out-of-date with no fancy details to brag about, kind of like the Duggars.

4. Back to Arkansas where the packing crew has arrived. Damn, it takes me weeks to pack and they do it in hours! Now I'm jealous!!! Mr. No no no no is refusing to be Duggarized. Keep up the fight kid!

5. NOW FOR MY FAVORITE MOMENT! Anna actually walks into the bedroom and asks Josh to not pack her vibrator onto the truck. Cut to Justin making an odd disgusted face like he actually knows what a vibrator is. Great editing Duggar Crew! I seriously doubt that Anna or Josh know what a vibrator is. I suggest they image google it.

6. The joys of a label maker break the tedious packing duties. Josh has a "slavedriver" label stuck to his back. I'm sure Anna made that one. Steve Conley arrives to help pack and ends up with his hands on Anna's vibrator. Shame, shame! I feel he was set up for the sake of a storyline.

7. The caravan takes off for DC. Josh says in a voice over that Josiah is of age to drive the RV at 16 but for some reason I don't believe that. Who wants to do the research? The Duggars decide to invade the Bates. J. Bob's decision. He is the lord and master of the caravan. Too bad they refuse to live in a democracy that respects all family member's opinions.

8. Josh awakes the lord and master who is sleeping alone in his own private room in the Bates house. I wonder how he managed that arrangement? J and A leave early with their kiddos thinking the others will follow. Josh calls Anna, "mommy" in RV jr. and I threw up a little. They stop for some fatty junk food. Didn't Anna claim they are eating healthier now??? The kids play at a playground that I swear looks like a daycare center play yard. I wonder if they broke in and trespassed while the center was closed for the weekend.

9. Josh calls J. Bob after 10 pm and is shocked to hear that they haven't left the Bates yet. Really? Shocked? Josh never once called the entire day to check up with them? I don't quite believe that. They couldn't unpack the trucks that late at night anyway without the neighbors calling the cops on them. The Duggars are so dull that even their made up drama is transparently dull.

Anyway, except for the vibrator comment this episode was routine.

More dullness to follow next week when I'm sure everyone will cry as they leave Josh and Anna surrounded by ebil liberals in DC. God bless his redneck soul.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Josh's tweet today about the Navy Yard shooting gets him in hot water.
Not the first time that's happened. He's a narcissist who can't control what
he says no matter how inappropriate and self-serving.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Josh said nothing. Well he actually did say a lot.
A couple of weeks later Josh bragged about going to a gun show. He is afraid that
Obama is going to take away his guns. I wonder what gave him that idea? The NRA?
The people who want to sell guns and ammo to help their friends make tons of money?
Maybe the lawmakers who don't want to lose their lobbying money from big guns and ammo
and who help keep gun regulations almost nil so that more mass murders can keep happening?
Why would a christian want to buy into the lies of people just out to make money? Why is 
Josh so mislead and gullible? Anyone who does not want safety regulations put on a 
an item that can kill another is working for the red guy and I don't mean Elmo. What 
can convince an evangelical gun nut that their protecting the NRA is evil. I think 
God will have to smack some sense into them in the end.